We have been developing

Global technology
solutions since 2000.

technology solutions for the real world

Subscription SAAS

All of our technology platforms are available for service on a low monthly subscription giving our users a low cost of entry to access solutions that resolve high pain points in their every day business.
Our business model is SAAS (Software as a Service) which means our platforms all run on our servers and our clients simply log into their accounts. Cloud based accounts like ours are more efficient and reliable as all cloud accounts are automatically backed up and secured by our own systems.

Real World Solutions for Your Business

We research a wide range of business models to assess the processing downtime and the cost factor of less efficient systems. We then collaborate with our global network of developers to design a real world solution for the common problems most small business operators face in their daily business life.
Our developers build solution platforms that are easy to use which we commercialize to be market ready for our clients.

Look at our long term plans

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Our development Process

Designing and Developing technology solutions today require the right team, skillset, experience and a total understanding of delivery from workshop to market.
We work with developers that have no idea how to commercialize their own creations.  BlaqClouds understand this complex process and have developed the pipeline from the developers workshops to market where customers are prepared to subscribe and pay for our technologies.

We collaborate with our developers in designing outstanding technology solutions for the real world.


Our team are full stack developers which means we can develop and build anything and everything.


We have the process from a raw developed widget to the commercial market ready product. 


We can build your next global platform

Reach out to our team and let us know your next big idea. We will protect you with disclosures and work closely to bring your dream into a commercial reality.